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Name: Jennifer Brooke (J.B.) Taylor

Address: 512 Lake Valley Drive

Suzuki Piano Lessons - (see website)
Suzuki Piano of Lexington 
A new Suzuki Piano Offering in Lexington!
Visit for more information.
Contact 859.368.8943

 Name: Kaitlyn Kundinger
Address: 512 Sundrop Path
Dog Walking Service - $1.75 for 15 minutes, 30 minutes is $3.00 I am 9 years old and have been walking small dogs for almost 2 years. Please give me a call at 523-7774 to schedule your pooch a nice stroll thru Still Meadow.

I also take care of pets while you are away. Call for prices.
Contact Kaitlyn, 523-7774,
Expiration: Indefinite

Connie Dishong is an independent Avon representative and also crafts beaded jewelry. Please contact her if you are interested in purchasing Avon or jewelry at or (859) 543-2040.

Name: Jill Rosenkrantz
Address: 3849 Still Meadow Lane
Rubber stamps and craft supplies, custom scrapbooks - various Jill Rosenkrantz teaches classes and sells supplies for hand stamped cards, crafts, and scrapbook pages. She also hosts monthly card and scrapbook clubs.
Contact Contact Jill at 299-3816 for more information
Expiration: July 1st, 2008

Name: Tracey Moore
Address: 3797 Horsemint Trail
Specialty Gift Baskets and Boxes - $10.00 - $100.00 + Gift Baskets for every occasion - over 70 specialty items to choose. Chocolates, dried fruits, nuts, and trail mixes.
Contact Call Tracey at 536 3693

Name: Jesse Brock
Address: Lexington, KY
Excellence in Carpentry - Call for estimate
Carpenter: Historic and Contemporary Remodeling, New Construction and Flooring Installation and Refinishing.
Call for an estimate for excellence in carpentry Contact (859) 361-7483

Name: Erin and Laura Anderson
Address: 3804 Still Meadow Lane
Babysitting - depends on how many/age of children The Anderson girls are ready, willing and able to babysit. "Babysitter Certified" from Central Baptist Hospital Safe Sitters Program (Top 2 grades in the class)!
Contact Erin or Laura Anderson 263-5085



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